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 Everyone deserves to be healthy too.

The purpose of the health check is to "detect disease at an early stage and treat it early" and emphasize the concept of "prevention is better than cure".Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease are all chronic diseases. Through the screening of health checks, these diseases can be detected and treated appropriately.

Cancer, in recent years, has ranked first among the top ten causes of death in Hong Kong. Everyone talks about cancer discoloration. In fact, cancer is not terrible. If it can be diagnosed early and treated early, its prognosis is also very good. For example, cervical cancer, early gastric cancer, surgery After treatment, the survival rate is quite high.When the disease occurs, it does not necessarily have clinical symptoms. Like early gastric cancer, it can be completely asymptomatic, but it can be detected by a health examination gastroscope. The symptoms of advanced gastric cancer are such as anemia, weight loss, and loss of appetite. It has reached the advanced stage, and its prognosis is much worse than that of the early stage.

During the health examination, the medical staff will also provide common sense of health care education, and usually pay attention to the health care of the body, regular exercise and proper diet, rather than the examination and treatment at the time of the disease.In particular, the pace of life in Hong Kong and the increasing pressure of competition, coupled with the increasing popularity of American and fast food, hyperlipidemia has a tendency to be younger, and its impact on cardiovascular disease cannot be ignored, and health checks are becoming more and more important.
As for when to have a health check-up, there are several factors to consider: including personal physical conditions, family history, and regional epidemiology; personal physical conditions such as obesity, weight loss, fatigue, etc.; family history such as diabetes, high blood pressure Blood lipids, cancer, etc.; regional epidemiology, such as the infection status of hepatitis B and C in Hong Kong; those with the above factors should have a health check in advance; generally speaking, a general blood drawing can be done at the age of 20 Inspection, items include blood routine, blood sugar, hepatitis B and C, liver function, cholesterol, triglyceride, kidney function, uric acid, as a personal health record, if there is any abnormal situation, then follow up for the abnormal situation; 30 years old You can consider taking a full-body check-up to learn more about your current condition; between the ages of 30 and 40, you should have a health check every 2-3 years to master your physical condition. If you are over 40 years old, consider taking a full-body health check every year to keep track of your health at any time. Take control of your physical condition.

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