Refund policy

Refund Policy and Conditions
Please read this Refund Policy and Conditions carefully before purchasing any products using this page.
This statement is made in accordance with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ( "Hongkong" ) Legal interpretation and governed by the laws of Hong Kong, applicable to Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas guests.

BookThe refund policy and conditions apply to your direct purchase of services through this website.In general, once the payment is confirmed, it means that the buyer has understood and agreed to the following shopping terms and conditions, and the purchased services or products will not be changed or refunded, except in special circumstances.For enquiries, please email to read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any products using this page.

  1. Once a product is purchased, there are no cancellations or refunds.Please use Facebook SMS, Whatsapp, email or "Contact Us" to make an appointment for a fitness package, physical examination or vaccination. The appointment needs to be made at least 14 working days in advance.The appointment must be completed within 180 days of physical examination and vaccination or a fitness package within 30 days. If the physical examination or fitness cannot be completed within the time limit due to the expiration of the appointment with the physical examination company/fitness company, no extension or refund will be given. .
  2. If a refund is arranged under special circumstances, the guest must first return the gift or gift certificate, otherwise the company reserves the right to deduct it from the refund amount.
  3. All inspection content services are determined by the customer, Smartcare Health Services (HK) Limited and Checkup Center Company provide services in accordance with the instructions of the decision, and all claims, disputes, liabilities, indemnities, costs and expenses arising from or arising from the decision of the customer shall be solely responsible and paid by the customer .

In case of any discrepencies of translation, the Traditional Chinese version shall prevail.