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Please use this webpage to purchase any Smartcare Health Services (HK) Limited(hereinafter referred to as "the company") carefully read this privacy policy statement before using the product.
This statement is made in accordance with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ( "Hongkong" ) Legal interpretation and governed by the laws of Hong Kong, applicable to Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas guests.

These shopping terms and conditions apply to your direct purchase of services through this website. In general, once the payment is confirmed, it means that the buyer has understood and agreed to the following shopping terms and conditions, and the purchased services or products will not be changed or refunded, except in special circumstances. For enquiries, please email to info@smartcarehk.com. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any products using this page.

  1. The services sold on this website are carried out by different medical examination center companies or fitness companies.
  2. All prices of our services are denominated in Hong Kong dollars.
  3. All health screening plans are only applicable to persons aged 10 or above. Those aged 10 to under 16 accompanied by parents or guardians need to sign the consent form at the center and present identification documents. The medical examination center company will provide services after verification. Those who are not accompanied by parents or guardians must The consent form must be obtained in advance and properly signed by the parent or guardian. Guests can be accompanied by other adults to the center and present the signed consent form and a copy of the signer's identity document. After verification, the medical examination center company can provide services.
  4. Persons between the age of 16 and under 18 can still accept services at the center by themselves, but only need to present the consent form signed by their parents or guardians and a copy of the signer's identification document in advance. Services are available.
  5. The validity period of the physical examination plan is 180 days. The customer must accept the relevant examination within 180 days (from the date of confirming the payment). The customer must make an appointment for the relevant examination one month in advance.
  6. fitness package The plan is valid for 30 days, and the customer must pay within 30 days (from the date of confirmation of payment) reserve For related services, customers need to make reservations for related services seven days in advance.
  7. After the health check, under normal circumstances, it will take at least 14 working days for the guest to obtain the check report. Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The explanation time of the waiting report will be extended according to different situations (such as the time required for individual laboratory items or the specific time period specified by the client). The actual date of obtaining the inspection report is subject to the account of the individual medical examination center company.
  8. Please be sure to double check that the e-mail address you filled in is correct. The company is not responsible for any losses caused by entering the wrong e-mail address.
  9. Gift items will be delivered and arranged to be picked up within 10 working days or at most 30 working days after the order is confirmed. Gifts are given on a first-come, first-served basis. If out of stock, it will be replaced by an equivalent cash coupon. In case of any disputes, the company has the final decision.
  10. Guests can choose to email the gift certificate or mail the gift certificate, if choose to mail the gift certificate Gift voucher guests are responsible for mailing gift vouchers at their own risk
  11. The company cannot guarantee the condition of the gifts. Please contact the manufacturer or agent for the maintenance and repair of all gifts. The company is not responsible for it.
  12. Except in special circumstances, after purchasing the product, no cancellation or refund is allowed. Please use Facebook SMS, Whatsapp, email or "Contact Us" to make an appointment for a fitness package, physical examination or vaccination. The appointment needs to be made at least 14 working days in advance. The appointment must be completed within 180 days of physical examination and vaccination or a fitness package within 30 days. If the physical examination or fitness cannot be completed within the time limit due to the expiration of the appointment with the physical examination company/fitness company, no extension or refund will be given. .
  13. If a refund is arranged under special circumstances, the guest must first return the gift or giftGift certificate, otherwise the company reserves the right to deduct it from the refund amount.
  14. All inspection content services are determined by the customer. SmartCare Health Services (Hong Kong) and the Health Check Center Company provide services in accordance with the instructions of the decision. All claims, disputes, liabilities, compensation, and costs arising from or arising from the determination of the customer and fees are solely the responsibility and payment of the customer.


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