SmartCareHK Rebate Plus Coupon

SmartCareHK has been committed to providing high-quality smart healthcare services to our customers, and this is our new preferential program to allow our customers to enjoy more benefits.

The concept of a rebate coupon is very simple: when you use SmartCareHK's services, simply enter your rebate coupon code during the checkout process to receive an additional $100 in rebate rebate. This means that not only will you enjoy the convenience and benefits of our premium service, but you will also receive additional gift vouchers.

《Rebate Plus Coupon》Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions

How to purchase and use SmartCareHK Rebate Plus Coupon

1. Purchase SmartCareHK Rebate Plus Coupon

Buy 4 coupons at a preferential price of 20 yuan

You can get 4 rebate coupons (worth $100 each) for only $20, please make sure to add 4 Plus Coupons to your shopping cart to check out.

2. Check the rebate coupon code from your email

Automatically send coupon code to email

Rebate coupons are automatically issued in the form of coupon codes, please check your email. You will receive each set of Rebate Plus Coupon coupon codes that are randomly combined. Copy the relevant promo code for your purchase of designated medical check-up services.

(The red box is indicating the location of the rebate coupon coupon code)

3. Add the medical examination service and the "Plus" gift certificate to the shopping cart

" Plus" gift certificate into the shopping cart at the same time Settlement with medical examination items

The rebate voucher for the medical examination service must be the same as the "Plus Code" voucher in order to be able to successfully settle the bill. Taking the shopping cart in the picture as an example, the rebate item for purchasing the physical examination service is - Apple Gift Card, so the gift certificate rebated by "Plus Code" must choose Apple Gift Card.

  • Exact Union

    Medical Examination Rebate Program: PARKnSHOP Gift Certificate $2800

    Rebate "Plus": $100 gift voucher

    will receive a total of $2900 BEST gift certificate

  • Error combination

    Medical Exam Rebate: Apple Gift Card $3800

    Rebate "Plus": $100 gift voucher

    The system will prompt to change the combination

  • Error combination

    Medical Examination Rebate Program: PARKnSHOP Gift Certificate $2800

    Rebate "Plus": Wellcome Voucher $100

    The system will prompt to change the combination

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4. Enter your Rebate Plus Coupon coupon code

Enter the coupon code in the gift card column to get the "Plus Code" gift certificate in the shopping cart

You can enter or copy one of the coupon codes in the email and the system will automatically waive the "Plus Code" coupon fee.

In the illustration, guests can get a medical examination service rebate of $3800 Apple Gift Card and "Plus" $100 Apple Gift Card, a total of $3900 Apple Gift Card rewards.

5. Payment to complete the order

If you choose a payment limited plan, please pay by the specified method

Please double-check that your personal information is entered correctly and confirm the final payment code. After confirmation, please complete the transaction with the specified payment method.

Customers who purchase the "Express" medical examination service, please click on the payment method (PayMe, AlipayHK or WeChatPay), click Next, and wait for the system to automatically jump until the "Payment" button appears, in order to complete the order.

Have trouble using the Rebate Plus Coupon? Check out the following FAQs to help?


After entering the coupon code, why does the system display "Please enter a valid coupon code"?

Possible causes:

1. The coupon code was entered incorrectly, please re-enter it

2. The coupon code has expired or has not yet reached the month of the month. Each promo code can only be used during the limited month. It cannot be used earlier or later than that month.

Can I use multiple Rebate Plus Coupon coupons within the same order?

If you wish to purchase more than one health screening service using the Rebate Plus Plus Voucher coupon coupon code, please complete the transaction by placing separate orders, otherwise the system will not waive the price of the Plus Voucher.

Can I share the Bonus Coupon Coupon code with others to use?

Absolutely. Just enter the coupon code at checkout.

Can the same set of rebate coupon coupon codes be reused?

No. Once a set of promo codes has been used, it cannot be reused.